How to Generate Leads & Sales on LinkedIn Without Cold Calling, Buying Expensive Traffic or Advertising

I almost didn’t reach out to Brian.

What a mistake that would have been.

It all started with 1 comment on 1 post, which I happened to make while stealing a look at my cell-phone during family vacation.

And that 1 comment has turned into a front-row seat for a case study unlike any other I’ve been a part of.

Some stats about Brian’s monetization journey on LinkedIn:

  • Started at 808 followers … and is now at 200,000+
  • Made a significant impact on millions of people
  • “Siphoned” 70,000+ leads from LinkedIn
  • Generated over 6 figures in revenue

If this sounds far-fetched and out of reach …

Then I want you to watch the recording of today’s LIVE session.

Everything he has done you can do, too.

Whether you’re looking to increase your voice and influence, create more leads, or grow sales, Brian’s real-world insights will help you.

Regardless of your skill with LinkedIn, Brian’s strategies are useful for people in all disciplines and levels of expertise.

Watch with us as we review the top questions submitted by an audience of business leaders, marketers, and sales professionals … and learn how to apply Brian’s experience in social marketing and selling to your situation!


Resources & Materials

During the session, the following materials were mentioned:

🎥 Register for “How Summit Direct Mail Grew to $36 Million By Blending Print & OptiChannel Marketing
🎥 Register for the LIVE Masterclass: “The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Leads & Sales… Using a Social Selling Strategy Less Than 1% Know
📕 Download Brian Golod’s Case Study: “How I Accidentally Discovered a Way to Grow My LinkedIn Followers From 5,000 to 100,000+ In Five Months” 
📕 Fix your LinkedIn Profile With This Guide: “5 LinkedIn Profile ‘Secrets’ To Unlock Your Success
“How Brian Got 4.7 Million Views On 1 LinkedIn Post [Includes video instruction]”
📲 Text your questions: 1 (949) 506-5835 … or click to open a new text message: