New Top Print Buyer Reports Now Available

To our friends in the print industry: Looking for new prospects to penetrate? Look no further!

Today, we announce the release of a series of new reports designed to help print leaders, sales, and marketing people identify new sales opportunities.

We published these in the COVID-19 Print Group on Linked (join here if you’re not yet a member) … and due to demand, we’re consolidating all the links here on this page to make it easier for you to find what you need.

Thank-you to Vincent Mallardi and his tireless efforts in compiling these data. If you don’t know Vince, you should: he LOVES print like no other and has been in the industry for a long time.

His attention to detail in these reports and the love with which he compiles them is second to none!


For each of the regional areas below, we’ve selected the top 15-25 companies buying print services and products, along with market analysis, and are making them available for free so you can immediately begin assembling your prospecting strategy.

To download the reports, click any of the links below.

You’ll then receive the report via email.

In addition, you’ll have an option to grab a new training video that will help you learn how to get into new business opportunities using “Social Selling.”

Because the pandemic has made sales activities much more difficult, a new set of skills are required, and we’re here to help with cutting-edge training in that area.

Texas Top 80 Print Buyers + Top 25 Print Resellers & Agencies
Southern California Top 25 Print Buyers
New York Top 18 Print Buyers
Pacific Northwest Top 20 Print Buyers
Midwest (Great Lakes) Top 25 Print Buyers
Northeast & New England Top 25 Print Buyers
Florida Top 25 Print Buyers


If the above excerpts prove useful to you, you can also obtain full reports with even more companies (hundreds) and their details. You can see those here.