How to Sell During a Downturn From 4 Printers Who Are Doing It

I’ve moderated many a panel in my day, but this one may top them all in terms of audience excitement, panel energy, and value-bombs dropped. WOW!

Because the COVID-19 crisis has changed everything, we hand-picked 4 commercial, packaging, and wide format print professionals to understand how they’re seeing the market, and how they’re continuing to sell.

(Honestly, some of what they said really surprised me. For example, how they’re getting meetings is really counter-intuitive.)

The panel was comprised of:

  • Bill Gillespie, VP, Bennet Graphics
  • Bill Duerr, President, Hatteras
  • Ira Bowman, Document Solutions Consultant, ARC Document Solutions
  • Sheri Robertson, VP of Awesome, Ace Designs, Inc.

They each brought their unique perspective to the questions submitted by the audience and showed many real-life examples of how they’re using print.

If you missed the panel, make sure to watch the video below. You’ll leave inspired, and walk away with pages of notes and new ideas!


Slides: Download the PDF here


Dave Rosendahl · How to Sell During a Downturn from 4 Printers Who Are Doing It