How a Counter-Intuitive Marketing Framework Ignited New Client Revenue by 118%

Marketing & Sales Pros: We just finished our first live event of 2021!

Mackenzi Leinders (Director of Sales & Demand Generation) shared a way to grow your leads and sales

Without spending a penny more on advertising …

Without buying new pricey technology …

Without adding staff …

And without you having to become some sort of super salesperson.

What You’ll Learn In This FREE LIVE Training Workshop:

  • SECRET #1: How An Unusual ‘OptiChannel’ Strategy Took Us From Broke to Growing In a Recession
  • SECRET #2: How I’m Convinced Anybody Can Copy What We’re Doing — Once You Understand *This* Unlock
  • SECRET #3: How to Force An Overlooked Social Network to Give You $48,326 In Free Eyeballs (So You Never Run Out of New, Fresh Prospects)

If you’re looking for new ways to amplify your marketing and sales efforts, this workshop will reveal OptiChannel Marketing & Sales trade secrets you must learn. The recording, slides, and all other materials are below.



Download the slides here