Direct Mail Ain’t Dead (There’s Just 1 Little Catch)

Is direct mail dead? Think again. The recording of the live panel discussion (below) is for any:

– Printer, marketing company, or agency wanting to know how others use “layered” Direct Mail to create explosive revenue-generating campaigns for their Clients

– Organization wanting to learn how market-leaders are beating Google, Facebook, and other digital channels using Direct Mail

On the panel are:

  • Andrew Ettinger, CEO, The Best Postcards
  • Tom Casey, CEO, Griffin Service
  • Louis Hobaica, President, Hobaica Services

Andrew’s company designs innovative campaigns for Tom and Louis, and I dig deep with all 3 to understand how Direct Mail:

Fuels 25% month-over-month growth for Andrew’s print company (they’re on pace to produce hundreds of millions of pieces this year)

— Enabled Lou’s HVAC, plumbing, and electrical company to generate $500K in sales from Direct Mail and a record-setting $1+ million month

Gave Tom’s cooling, plumbing, and heating business their busiest month ever

Watch now, and then let’s discuss in the comments!



Download the slides (including examples) here

The Panelists

:: Andrew Ettinger, CEO, The Best Postcards
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:: Tom Casey, CEO, Griffin Service
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:: Lou Hobaica, President, Hobaica Services
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The world-famous “Hobaica Jingle”: