How This Print Company Grows 25% Each Month Selling Direct Mail

Succeeding in selling direct mail in today’s world takes a new set of skills.  

To understand how successful print leaders are selling, we document their sales processes in case studies like this, explore their sales methodologies in podcasts like this one, and via interviews like the one below with Andrew Ettinger, CEO of The Best Postcards.

Probed by another print expert and friend of mine, Warren Werbitt, this interview is a fascinating case study into what it takes to succeed in selling and servicing companies with print in an increasingly “anti-print,” digital world.  

Watch to learn:  

  • The unusual and often “forgotten” verticals Andrew’s company focuses on (and why they picked them)
  • How their company got crushed during the pandemic but turned it around by asking this fundamental question
  • How Andrew positions their company as NOT a Direct Mail vendor
  • The marketing strategy that results in only inbound, qualified leads that know everything they need to know BEFORE calling 
  • The strange “BIBLE” technique that drives their sales
  • The exact pitch that’s lead to 25% month-over-month growth, a minimum of 6-month orders (the model works for any size business)
  • How he argues against radio and TV ad spend, and position direct mail as the clear winner
  • The BIG LIE that Facebook, Google, and advertising agencies tell their Clients that Andrew HATES
  • The “drive time” and mile issue that has saved numerous clients from wasting money on direct mail

Here’s the interview. Enjoy!