[WEB CLASS] The Underground Social Selling Playbook: How The Top 1% Unleash Leads & Sales Using A Little-known Social Strategy (And How You Can Too)

For many Commercial Printers & Agencies, while the economy seems to be on the rise, the pandemic continues to cause difficulties — especially as it relates to engaging new clients and prospects.

Given that very few answer their phone, reply to emails, or eagerly follow up on LinkedIn messages (haha!), a refrain we commonly hear is “What’s working for others to generate new business? What are the newest strategies that work today??

In this Web Class, we showed sales and marketing leaders from across the print & agency landscape a completely new “Social Selling” strategy we’ve uncovered by closely examining what’s working for marketing & sales professionals.

We studied commercial printers, agencies, and various B2B verticals that are successfully marketing & selling right now.

We’ve boiled it down to a few key strategies (including how we used the strategy to grow 40% in new customers & revenue, despite the pandemic).

single strategy generates almost all activities, and that’s the framework we cover in this Web Class.

  • How 92% of buyers engage with you IF they perceive you in *this* way
  • The way in which salespeople are 69% more likely to exceed sales quota when they do this activity. (It seems like “clicking” in a certain way, but there’s a bit more to it…)
  • The reason salespeople are 70% more likely to get an unexpected sale if they “hang out” here online

The framework/strategy will likely surprise you, so please stay open-minded.


Recorded live with MindFire co-founder & President, David Rosendahl:


Here are the slides and materials shared in the Web Class:

Download the Slides here (PDF)


If you prefer to learn on the go, listen to the audio version here: