[VIDEO] Why You Should Consider 3D Printing Now (And After) COVID-19

Over the past 2 weeks, I have been getting a lot of questions from the 2D print community about whether expanding to 3D Printing is a good investment given COVID.

You’ve probably seen how 3D Printing is assisting in the creation of PPE and other essential products that are in high demand.

So I pulled together execs from HP, 3D Think Tank, and MindFire to dig into the opportunities in 3D, and held a “town hall” discussion to get into your top questions.

What we found is that 2D Printing has more in common with 3D than you might think.

Below is the recording from the event, where I posed the following questions to the executive experts:

How can 3D Printing help:

  • Replace lost income streams (lots of angles here)
  • Requalify your business as essential (allowing you to re-open)
  • Give direct mailers, wide format, packaging, and sign printers new opportunities (and: what kind of people you need to do the work)
  • Access a market growing at 25% CAGR

Their answers may surprise you. And the many examples they gave were REALLY eye-opening (lots of pictures and videos too).

Don’t forget: We WILL come out of this “shelter in place” moment — but the world may look different.

In that difference lies an opportunity, and 3D supported by 2D Printing may give you a whole new business line.

Watch the recording now, and then let’s discuss your questions in the comments!