Enabling Curbside Ordering During COVID-19

Do you have restaurants, retail stores as Clients? Need a simple way to enable them with online ordering for curbside pick-up?

We’ve been surprised at the % of small restaurants and retail locations that don’t have this capability.

If you have folks like this in your customer base, we’d like to get your input on an idea we’re rolling out.

It’s an easy way for you (as a service provider) and/or the retail location the enable electronic ordering.

If you think this might be useful to you or you’d have input in the development of the solution, we would love to have you involved.

I went live earlier this week and showed the idea to a small hand-picked group of people, and am now making it available to you:

If this is of interest to you, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below or contact us at david.rosendahl@mindfireinc.com.