How to Increase Direct Mail Response by 20-30% With Only 2 Simple Changes

As a print leader, do these sound familiar?

“How do we track what’s coming from our direct mail campaign?”
– “We’re not seeing the leads we want (need) coming from direct mail”
– “We’re going to focus more on digital marketing channels”

You’ve heard at least one of these; am I right?

Let’s be honest, it’s 2022, and direct mail is under attack.

Especially by this guy…

Whether paper or envelope shortages, increasing pressure to demonstrate ROI, or digital ads stealing more of the marketing budget, there’s no escaping the uncomfortable reality you and your clients are facing. Printers or brands that do Direct Mail must prove value. 

A growing number of leading Direct Mailers have learned to employ an unusual and differentiated Direct Mail offering that starts with adding a Personalized URL (“PURL”) and Personalized QR Code (“PQR”) to the printed Mail.

While simple on the surface, everything you don’t see makes a significant difference in helping these mailers acquire new clients and not protect their existing revenue in the face of extreme pressure.
If you find a similar barrier, just know there is a solution, and we have the ‘secret sauce.’

I just held this web class, “They Laughed When I Said THIS Would Increase Leads – But When They Saw the Results…” where I demonstrated precisely how the process works for you as a print executive.

I covered:

[1] The 4 Direct Mail Problems Most Mailers Ignore (Puts Printers at Significant Risk)

[2] How the Deceptively Simple Addition of PURLs & PQRs to Direct Mail Eliminates These Risks

[3] The Steps to Build High-Performing Campaigns (It’s What You Don’t See That Makes the Difference)

[4] How Leading Mailers Sell These Campaigns (and Build a Revenue “Moat” Around the Client)

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