Breaking Into Additive Manufacturing – The 5 Steps to Successfully Adopting 3D Printing

MasterGraphics Webinar #2

5 Key Steps to Successfully Adopting 3D Printing

What you’ll learn…

In this session, our panelists break it all down and discuss: 

1] Why now IS the right time to invest in additive manufacturing and reshore your supply chain (in the face of a looming recession).  

2] Surefire ways to find and land profitable opportunities, assess cost-effectiveness, and prove the value of AM.  

3] The best ways to avoid common startup challenges and set yourself up for success. 

4] How learning to design for AM will enable you to maximize your capabilities and profit. 

5] Determine when/how to bring AM in-house and what to consider once you do!

Does the recession have you paralyzed with fear?

Confused about the path forward for your business?

Or terrified to make a costly misstep?  

If so, you’re not alone. Many companies are turning to additive manufacturing as a solution—and you can, too. But you may be wondering where to start, why now, and how to hit the ground running. 

If these questions are on your mind, you should watch this webinar recording.

In the second of our three panel discussions, you’ll get straight answers from three additive manufacturing leaders who don’t shy from the truth and have tons of guidance to share. 

You’ll hear from: 

  • Kevin Carr, President, MasterGraphics
  • Dennis Richards, CO, Certified Orthotist, 3D Stability
  • Vince Anewenter, Director of Rapid Prototyping Consortium, Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • David Rosendahl, President, MindFire Inc., Moderator