The LinkedIn Playbook: Unlocking the World’s Fastest-Growing, Most Misunderstood Market — And The 4 Secrets to Siphoning Leads & Sales For Your Business

Not long ago, I didn’t believe in LinkedIn either. So I understand why some resist: Not enough time, it doesn’t bring value, not looking for a job, or don’t get how it’s supposed to work.

Maybe you’ve tried LinkedIn, but it hasn’t “worked” for your business.

Yet, with 722 million people using LinkedIn worldwide — and a pandemic that’s made face-to-face sales difficult for many — it’s time for you to pivot, not panic.

Daily, people like you use LinkedIn to:

  • Be seen as a thought-leader (even without posting new content… yes, there is a way)
  • Increase their visibility in their market, drawing people to themselves instead of always pitching
  • Find and connect with prospects to engage in conversation, with those interactions often leading to opportunities and sales

We just wrapped up today’s private (members-only) workshop providing a hand-selected group of people with actionable steps to improve quickly.

We covered:

[1] Why the opportunity is so large *right now*

[2] How the 4-Pronged Social-Selling Strategy works (with real-life examples for each); and

[3] Tools you can use to accelerate the process (brand new).

We’ll also answer a ton of Q&A, going deep into areas of interest for the audience. Some great questions!



Download the workshop slides here (PDF)

The Exclusive LinkedIn Profile Guide

Knowing how to configure your LinkedIn Profile correctly is the first step towards creating more leads and sales. After you watch the workshop training, get the guide we mentioned … and learn how to configure your LinkedIn Profile the right way. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE HERE


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