Optichannel Marketing

Meet Dave

Our new MindFire Partnership is a game-changer, unlike anything else in the industry. By leveraging the power of MindFire, together we can transform the way

Meet Jane

Dave just returned from a big conference with many marketers and brands. He talked to as many people as possible about the current market. They

Key to Marketing Success

Omnichannel marketing is a powerful and data-driven approach that allows businesses to engage with customers in a more personalized and cohesive manner across various channels. By integrating

What is OptiChannel?

You’re probably hearing the term “OptiChannel” more and more these days. And you might be wondering, “What does it mean? How does it help me


QR Codes

The Ultimate QR Code Guide

QR codes are everywhere. They have practically replaced printed menus in most restaurants, have become a popular tool for contactless payments, and are even used


Social Selling

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MindFire data analytics and digital marketing is the white-label power behind America’s leading mailers. The only choice for high-volume mailers that need to deliver to scale.

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