How “Social Selling” Fills Your Sales Funnel With New, Fresh Names

There’s a process used by the top social-sellers to decrease the time it takes to stay top of mind with their Clients & Prospects.

(By the way, it’s not automation. There’s more to it …)

It requires going where your market is, and understanding the new rules that govern modern marketing & sales.

Without this insight, things are going to get increasingly more difficult.

That’s why I asked Mackenzi Leinders (Director of Sales & Demand Gen here at MindFire) to come on our live show today to show you the ENTIRE process. Watch now to learn:

  • Why the social selling process is imperative — especially right now
  • The subtle shifts in consumer behavior that require businesses to change how they engage their market (applicable to both B2B and B2C companies)
  • The specific social selling activities you must do (and which you should daily — the 4th one may surprise you)

And of course, we take questions from the live studio audience. Let’s go!



Download the slides here!