How to Unlock LinkedIn to Drive More Sales Using the ‘Social Selling Assistant’

In this special session, Kushal Dutta, EVP of Product, and Joe Manos, EVP of Client Success, demonstrate how the new Social Selling Assistant helps you fill your funnel.

Together, they cover a set of key topics you need to know to grow your leads & sales using the Social Selling Assistant, including

1. The #1 marketing & sales issue it addresses (this is something all organizations wrestle with)

2. How to get started (you’ll see each step)

3. How to find companies and people in your specific target market (even hard to find niches)

4. How to build rapport with companies and people you find (the smart way)

5. Once rapport is established, how to add these engaged people to a nurturing sequence

Watch now, and if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us!




Download the slides shown in today’s presentation here