Think Outside the Mailbox: Cutting-edge Direct Mail Strategies You Need To Know Now

If you’ve ignored Direct Mail because you think it’s old-school, you better check again. Now, when combined with emerging digital technology, Direct Mail has resurfaced — driving engagement, leads, and sales in a way digital channels alone cannot.

Join me and Sara McKeon from The John Roberts Company as we explore:

  • The latest stats about Direct Mail (#2 surprised even me!)
  • How to get 3 additional FREE impressions with every Direct Mail piece (hint: 28 million people are now subscribed to this new service)
  • Why you need to reconsider QR Codes
  • How Facebook is making Direct Mail sexy again (almost no one knows about this strategy)

… and much more!

Watch this info-packed webinar to learn more (and, how to save on postage when you use one of the new, emerging technologies shown in the webinar).

Download the Slides (PDF)

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