How to Market, Sell, & Build Profitable OptiChannel Campaigns

Our community is always looking for ways to effectively Staff, Market, Sell, and Produce OptiChannel campaigns for themselves and their clients. As a result, there is a hunger for authentic, hands-on advice from real-world practitioners.  

Since each area (Staffing, Sales & Marketing, and Production) is worth a 45-minute discussion, we have a 3-part panel webinar series over six weeks. 

September 24th at 8:30 am Pacific Time – HOW TO STAFF
What are the skill sets necessary for staff when a printer is adding OptiChannel to their services?
October 8th at 8:30 am Pacific Time – HOW TO SELL
What is the best way to educate and empower a print-centric sales team when making the transition to OptiChannel marketing?

October 22nd at 8:30 am Pacific Time – HOW TO PRODUCE ONGOING CAMPAIGNS
How do you get a client to commit to OptiChannel if the first drip doesn’t deliver the expected results?

Our featured guest is Kevin Thomas of Firespring. Kevin serves as the Chief Operating Officer. He started at Firespring in March of 1998 and currently resides in the Lincoln, Nebraska, area.

To date, our panelists include:
Ted Raymond – Pixa Creative
Shanna Vollmer – Pixa Creative
Jason James – Pixa Creative
Mike Robinson – Summit Direct
Ben Shenk – Summit Direct
Andrew Ettinger – The Best Postcards
David Rosendahl – MindFire, Inc.
Mackenzi Leinders – MindFire, Inc.
Joe Manos – MindFire, Inc.

We hope you can join us! If you’d like to hear how others are addressing each of these, save your spot now: