[EXPERT PANEL] COVID-19’s Impact on Marketing, Sales, & Leadership

How will COVID-19 impact sales and marketing?  How will print, mail, and communication change as we see our way through this storm?

Earlier today, I moderated a panel of experts from a variety of disciplines to discuss these areas of business and life that are profoundly changing.

Joining me were:  

  • Mark Cochran, Executive Director, Johns Hopkins Healthcare Solutions
  • Dr. Michael Libman, Head of Infectious Diseases, McGill University Health Centre
  • Larry Lubin, President and CoFounder, BlueRush
  • Dr. Josh Luke, Hospital CEO, Healthcare Futurist, Author, Podcaster & Keynote Speaker
  • Dean Petrulakis, Senior Vice President, Sales, LCP

I focused the discussion on how the economy, print, marketing, sales, and our health are changing with COVID-19 ascent.

In preparation, I polled the audience and received myriad questions over the past 72 hours about COVID-19’s impact on:

  • cold-calling
  • direct mail
  • web-2-print
  • social media ads
  • remote work
  • the economy
  • sales plans and projections
  • mental health

… and much more.

Listen now to hear how these experts view COVID-19’s impact on these topics — and leave with ideas, inspiration, and hope to navigate these challenging times.


Additional Resources

The following resources were mentioned by the panel — or provided by them after the discussion — to support your work:

Download Panel Slides [PDF]

Download Panel Audio [AUDIO FILE; official start around minute 13]

“Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 as Compared with SARS-CoV-1” – The New England Journal of Medicine [PDF]

Read the full USPS Statement on Mail and COVID-19 [USPS Website]:

USPS Statement on Coronavirus

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