Printers: This Industry is Growing 36%. Here’s Why You Absolutely Should Pay Attention

With 3-ish months left in the year, I take the optimistic view and say that you’ve got plenty of time left to meet your end-of-year sales goals.

The key? Where you put your time and energy this month.

Hot off the presses is this study of the Top 25 Hot Markets for Printing in 2019-2020, showing the market with the 2nd highest increase in print demand is Logistics/Freight.

(By the way: The #1 growing market definitely surprised me. All the data are here for download.)

Overall, the study suggests that total revenues in the Logistics/Freight market are $997 billion (+7% YoY), with $4.3 billion going to print (up 12%).

The author argues that the increase is due to the continued growth of internet shopping — but that another growth factor driving demand is specialty transport, which is growing 36%!

Interestingly, four of the eight fastest-growing companies in the United States are in the specialty transport category. Coincidence?

For print providers, RFID, barcoding, warning, and other intelligent containment, and labeling/detection products are expected to grow print demand to more than $1 billion by 2022.

So if you’re in print sales, and you’re trying to decide where to focus your marketing and sales, we’ve included a link to the full report at the bottom of this post. It lists the top 25 markets, and for each:

  • Revenue Forecast in Billions
  • Growth Rate %
  • Printing Trend
  • Share to-Print %
  • Print Potential in Billions
  • Print Change %

Grab a copy, and scour it for pockets of opportunity — like specialty transport.

There’s still plenty of time left for you to make calls, send emails, work LinkedIn, or create a marketing campaign targeting one of these markets or sub-markets to win your next lucrative client.

Download the full report here and then let’s discuss in the comments: Do you agree with the findings?

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