[PODCAST] 9 Simple, Data-backed Tactics That Will Keep Your Print Company Competitive (And Why Quality is NEVER a Race to the Bottom)

Dave Rosendahl (Co-Founder & President) is featured in today’s episode of the GAMUT Podcast!

In the episode, he shares unique insights on how leading commercial print companies, sales professionals, and marketing executives are using new and unusual ways to get the attention of their clients and prospects.

During the interview with Jeffrey Collins, Director of Print Technologies, get inside what’s working for leading print and marketing companies so you can apply the same to your business and sales.

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In addition to learning why Dave’s unusual early schooling led to free-thinking and entrepreneurship (of particular interest to parents of small children), you’ll learn:

  • How leading marketers are combining direct mail & digital — and how this strategy can increase conversion rates by 40%
  • How to “sync” social media like Instagram and Facebook with direct mail — correctly — and how to convert that attention into sales
  • The top 3 things a printer can do if wanting to sell more direct mail (or if they’re breaking into that segment for the first time)
  • The one thing most printers miss when thinking about how to grow their sales — and why most don’t even realize
  • The two things that companies need within their culture to actually get sustainable change
  • Why sharing personal stories is a powerful sales-driving tactic most people miss — or are afraid to try (an example mentioned in the episode is here)
  • The “n of 1” fallacy that traps many print organizations, especially those with significant history and prior success
  • How to get physically INSIDE your target market — without being creepy
  • Why being the 2nd lowest cost provider is a losing strategy

Enjoy the episode, and leave your questions and comments below. Dave and I will answer them as they come in and look forward to helping you put into practice what you learn.

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