Apple iOS13 Introduces a Feature That Would Have Kept 12 Year Old Steve Jobs From Making His Most Important Cold Call

When Steve Jobs was 12 years old, he cold-called Hewlett-Packard’s co-founder Bill Hewlett.  His goal was to request some leftover electronic parts to build a frequency counter.

To Steve’s surprise, Hewlett picked up the phone.

At first, Hewlett was amused and chuckled.

No doubt struck by Steve’s precocious nature, his amusement soon turned to interest.

A few minutes later, he offered Jobs an internship.

And the rest is history.

Most people never pick up the phone and ask and that’s what separates the people who do things, and the people who just dream about them. You gotta act.  You gotta be willing to fail.  You gotta be willing to crash and burn.

If you’re afraid of failing, you won’t get very far.

~ Steve Jobs

Here’s Steve in his own words:

Enter iOS 13: Cold Call Killer

Now, imagine with me for a moment that somehow, Steve had used an iPhone with the upcoming iOS release to make his cold call. 

His good fortune may have hit a severe road-block.  Read more here: Apple is Building an iPhone Feature That Could Destroy the Cold Calling Industry, and Nobody Even Noticed