Using The Da Vinci “Lead Alerter” to Unlock Who’s Visiting Your Website

Da Vinci’s “Lead Alerter” is a daily activity digest that shows you who’s visiting your corporate website so that you can turn otherwise anonymous traffic into leads.

How It Works

First, you insert a small snippet of HTML into all of your web site pages. This task is usually pretty simple for your webmaster, or your Da Vinci specialist can help you do this.

Then, you can start using Da Vinci to engage your prospects and customers, using smart drip sequences, multi-channel engagement journeys, and more.

As people begin to engage with the marketing Da Vinci runs for you, some of them will start to visit your corporate website, too.

As this happens, Da Vinci will send you a daily summary of people engaging you within your Da Vinci campaigns as well as on your corporate website, showing you your:

  • Leads and Conversions, like the people who download an eBook or request more information

  • Known Visitors, who are people visiting your web site that Da Vinci has uncovered

  • Anonymous Visitors, who are the people Da Vinci is tracking but doesn’t yet recognize.  Da Vinci will start by trying to identify the name of the company and then go from there.

The result? Never miss an opportunity to see who’s engaging with your Da Vinci campaigns as well as your corporate web site. Extract more value from the traffic you’re already getting, and use it to spark more conversations with your customers and prospects.


Here’s what Daryl Pittman has to say:

And to round out today’s overview, here’s a real-life example of the Daily Activity Digest:

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