New Marking Technology Every Printer MUST Know About: ABM, CDP, and AI … What The?!

A big part of our member base is comprised of commercial printers: men and woman who put ink on paper and serve a vital part of the world economy.

If you’re a leader at your print company, and your firm is involved in the creation of print products that help their clients drive leads and sales, I’ve spotted a few new trends I think you need to be aware of.


Well put simply, if you want to move from “just” the manufacturing of print to becoming more involved in the marketing and sales decision-making process (because that’s where the price-per-piece war is diminished, and your work becomes about the deeper value you provide your Client), then you need to become conversant in new marketing strategies and technologies.

Otherwise, you run the risk of continuing to be viewed as a manufacturer of print — not a provider of marketing and sales ROI.

Here are three key concepts/technologies I picked up at MarTech, a bi-yearly event that studies the intersection of marketing and technology.  I don’t see many printers at the event, which is why I think you need to get tuned into these terms now before your competitors do.

The technologies are ABM (account-based marketing), CDP (customer data platforms), and AI (artificial intelligence).

Even if you think you know what these terms mean, you need to become aware of how top marketers view these technologies, so you can sit comfortably at the table and discuss your point-of-view and how you can help.

Watch the video, then let’s have a dialogue in the comments.  What do you think?  Have you heard of these technologies?  Do they scare you?  What opportunities do you see in your business and client portfolio?

Let’s chat!