How to Run WILDLY Successful Digital Events & Webinars

Think webinars and digital events are dead?

Think again.

Because the pandemic and evolving social norms complicate face-to-face selling, companies must find new and creative ways to engage their market, share their message, and sell.

And digital events (like webinars) are doing just that: educating and inspiring prospects and customers, allowing forward-thinking marketing & sales teams to fill their funnel and drive pipeline.

Watch this workshop (recorded live) to learn the 7-Step Digital Event Framework, including:

  • The two counter-intuitive ways to get more motivated sign-ups for your webinar
  • The strange “iPhone” method for writing pre-webinar engagement sequences that get people to reply and look forward to your event
  • How to simulcast to other channels (Like Facebook and LinkedIn) to reach people who are not yet in your database
  • A list of resources like hardware (computers, mics, camera) and software needed to host a live event

You’ll leave this session knowing all the innovative “OptiChannel” strategies for pre-, during-, and post-show marketing to maximize registration and attendance for your next (or perhaps first) digital event!



Download the slides as PDF here