How to Grow to $45 Million in Sales Selling Direct Mail + OptiChannel

Mike Robinson helped grow Summit Direct Mail from 0 to $45 million, selling print, mail, fulfillment, & OptiChannel marketing solutions.

He has sold over half a BILLION personalized, OptiChannel Direct Mail pieces.

What he shares is invaluable for any agency, commercial printer, or direct mail-minded leader/sales exec, and is now available to watch (video) or listen to (podcast) below.

During the interview, you’ll learn:

  • The unique personality trait that’s made their company successful (Mike says anyone can do this — do you agree?)
  • The #1 tip he has for any agency or print sales exec starting or scaling their direct mail + digital journey
  • The DEAL KILLER that keeps sales execs from more sales

During the interview, you’ll hear Mike offer his contact information for those who have questions. We’ve included it here for easy reference:

Mike Robinson, Marketing Strategist @Summit Direct Mail

If you think selling Direct Mail + OptiChannel may help your commercial print company or agency, fill in the form on any page of our website and we’ll talk. Enjoy!

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