Do You Suffer from the “Zero Data” Problem?

Many companies (both large and small) suffer from a lack of data in three key areas, and more often than not, fall into a false pattern of thought that keeps them from growing their lead flow and filling their sales pipeline.

We call this the “zero data” problem, and chances are, you’ve faced it at some point in your career.

Here’s how you typically find this ugly 3-pronged critter crawling around the sales and marketing work floor:

We can’t run marketing campaigns because we have no database of prospects to market to!

And even if we did have a database or list, we have no useful content to engage people with! What would we send them?!

And even if we somehow had great content, what kind of campaign would we run? Where do I even start?!

Have you found yourself saying any one of these three? I’m willing to bet at least $1 that you have.

Put more simply, the “zero data” problem exists because many marketers find that they have:

  • No list of fresh new prospects to target;
  • No high-value content to engage prospects; and
  • No data on what kinds of campaigns work to elicit the behaviors they need.

This is the problem we aim to solve with MindFire Da Vinci.


Da Vinci solves this by providing you with insight into people who are actively in-market for your services, surfacing proven content to engage these people, and suggesting campaign “blueprints” that are proven recipes for obtaining more leads and driving sales.

Taken together, these 3 sources of data provide marketers with an entirely new way of filling their pipeline for sales follow-up.

If you find yourself (or a client) suffering from the “zero data” problem, take Da Vinci for a test drive and talk to us about how we can help you solve this challenge. It’s a challenge we live for 🙂