Da Vinci CRM

Da Vinci CRM

I’ve found the only way to get stuff done these days is if I block out hours of uninterrupted time to focus.

Often, this requires locking myself into an office and shutting down all distractions.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older (uh oh!), or the demands of a growing business weigh heavily on me, but there’s little chance I’ll get any meaningful self-work accomplished unless I’m locked away.

All that to say this: Today I got to spend a few hours looking at some of the latest features in Da Vinci and making small tweaks and recommonedations.

My area of focus was around Da Vinci’s CRM, which if you’ve known us and MindFire for a while, you’re probably a little surprised!

MindFire as CRM? I thought you said it would never happen!

Well, you’re right … but there’s enough interest and demand from within the Da Vinci user base that we’re putting more time and energy into this area of Da Vinci.

This is what it looks like:

Da Vinci CRM

Today, I worked on:

  • modifying how we allow people to upload new data (or add 1 person at a time)
  • improving the right-side modal that shows a person’s information so that it’s easy to see, edit, and work with

We’re well-aware that most sales folks HATE CRM, so our intent has been to reduce functionality to the basic core actions … and leave the rest of the dirty stuff to folks like Salesforce!

If you’re a Da Vinci member, would love your input and thoughts on this area. Is it useful? Helpful?