Who’s Hiring in Print (And Some Alarming Trends)

A benefit of working with numerous commercial printers across North America is that we see a variety of trends ebb and flow. For example, we recently covered the situation related to the Wayfair Act and its impact on direct mail and taxation. This continues to be a theme we hear from a growing number of printers and agencies.

Now, as more areas of the continent re-open, and as sectors of the economy grow more active, a few new insights are emerging.

  • Many commercial printers are struggling. For a variety of factors, whether it be related to the pandemic’s impact on the economy (not to mention the paper shortage), a generational transition of leadership, or a lack of remaining competitive, there’s a growing number of print owners looking for an exit. (If that’s you, contact me at david.rosendahl@mindfireinc.com and I’m happy to connect you with the next group...)
  • At the same time, there are numerous printers that are busier than ever. They’re investing in new equipment to automate operations and expand their ability to print direct mail, wide-format, and packaging. They’re also acquiring assets from those who are struggling or are ready to retire, providing access to equipment, staff, and a client roster. Also, many are investing in modernizing their ability to communicate using direct mail and digital channels for their clients, broadening the scope of their services to remain essential to their clients.
  • For those who are growing, an increasing number are hiring — but are running into multiple issues. Whether it’s in sales, bindery, press operations, or customer service and account management, many seem to have a need for qualified people but can’t find them. I suspect there are multiple reasons for this, but I’m not yet ready to publish my thoughts on this until I dig in a bit more. Stay tuned!

That said, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve listed a few of the open positions and companies looking for staff. Feel free to take a look, and if you have friends or colleagues who want to be part of a growing print and marketing organization, or if you have ideas on how to find qualified staff, let’s discuss it in the comments.

If you have a position that needs to be filled, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.


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