QR Codes, The New Way to Drive Business

Marketers and Printers are Changing the Game by Using QR Code Technology in Ways You Can’t Believe. 

Want to look like a superstar with your clients – Here is cutting edge applications that you can offer them today. 

We are apologizing ahead of time – the info you are about to learn will mean you will be rushing to talk to all of your clients asap.  Sorry for adding work to your plate. 

The #1 proven highest response you can use on Direct Mail. 
QR Code +Video is the #1 way to gain the highest response rate in marketing. 

  • Do your clients worry about Brand transparency ?
  • Do you have clients worried about counterfeit products? Have you shared the new research with them?  
  • Are you looking to help your clients with a competitive differentiation? 
  • Do you have clients that need to increase their donations and funding and are looking for new ideas on how to do that? 
  • Any restaurants out there that are trying to drive business? 
  • If your clients use coupon redemption to promote sales – have you talked to them about QR codes? 

There is a rapid increase in use of QR codes in marketing – but if done correctly the data you will receive is exponential. 

#1 way to drive the highest donation and coupon redemption is with a personalized QR code – do you know how it works? 

There is a rapid increase of personalized or trackable QR codes that are gaining significant engagement  – this will be core for all your clients. 

Anyone do Large Format ?   QR codes are a must for you! 




From What They Think:

QR Codes as a Problem-Solving Tool

How do you incorporate QR codes into a successful marketing campaign? You don’t make it about the QR code. You make it about problem-solving. Heidi Tolliver-Walker highlights several great use cases from a MindFire webinar that provide great problem-solving insights—whether you are incorporating QR codes or not.

   By Heidi Tolliver-WalkerPublished: July 13, 2022

Recently, MindFire hosted a webinar “2022: QR Codes Are Changing the Way We Do Business.” Presented by Joe Manos, EVP Client Success, and co-presented with David Garner, president/owner of Boyd’s Direct, the webinar presented a variety of use cases showing how QR codes can be used to provide real value to print customers.

With QR codes having been the butt of jokes for years in this industry, why are they being taken seriously now? The reason, Manos says, is changes brought by COVID. QR codes became widely accepted as part of contactless business communications, and now they have simply become part of the landscape. “Since COVID, we have seen a big increase in use cases,” says Manos. “Plus, the QR code readers actually work now—unlike the apps of the past.”

This observation isn’t just anecdotal. Based on analysis of the campaigns sent through its platform, MindFire has seen this shift first-hand. For example, it has found that when a campaign uses a personalized QR code to send someone to video, that campaign sees a 3x–5x lift beyond just the direct mail piece alone.

Top applications for QR codes, according to MindFire?

  • Contactless payments
  • Menu/ordering food
  • Registrations
  • Donations
  • Medical uses

In the webinar, MindFire showcased more than two dozen use cases for QR codes, many of which fall under one of these categories. These examples were chosen because the QR code wasn’t just thrown on there for the sake of it. (“We need to add a QR code. What can we use it for?”) In all cases, the QR code was integral to achieving the marketing goal. Thus, these were great examples, not just of how to incorporate print-to-mobile tools, but how to add value to the client relationship. This same thought process applies to other marketing tools as well, including augmented reality.