Oh Sh@*t, Now What?

From the pandemic, and its lasting effects – the great resignation, paper shortages, supply issues, and inflation. This rapid disruption forces you to think differently.

In this session, we cover the trials and tribulations businesses have endured the past two years and how to overcome it all, with guest panelists Joanne Gore, President of Joanne Gore Communications, Andrew Ettinger, Owner & CEO of The Best Postcards and Mike Robinson, Director of Business Development at Summit Direct Mail.

In today’s business market, you have no choice but to adapt and expand if you are going to lead your organization through this next year and save your margins, and sanity. You don’t need to be powerless if you develop strategies around the top issues impacting your company.
Oh Sh@*t, Now What? webinar is designed to help you identify the clients that are at the most risk and develop actionable tips and playbooks to proactively combat today’s biggest challenges using OptiChannel Marketing Solutions.

2022 is the year to be a hero, build closer relationships with your clients, save your margins, reduce uncertainty in your business, and GROW!

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