MindFire Announces New Services to Drive Revenues for Printers Across the World

PHOENIX, Arizona, March 1, 2017 /Dscoop/ — MindFire, the leading provider of marketing software and solutions for printers, announced today that it has released four new offerings to help printers drive more revenue.

“We built MindFire because we saw a world in which marketing would continue to incorporate elements of both the online and offline realms,” said Moe Farsheed, CEO of MindFire. “This vision has come to life thanks to our family of customers and partners, like Dscoop and HP. The four innovations we are announcing today are a direct result of feedback from the Dscoop community and reflect our continued support of print’s place in the world economy.”

MindFire’s flagship product, Studio, was launched in 2012 to help printers increase revenue through the creation of campaigns that weave together print and non-print channels.

Over the past few months, MindFire has released four new offerings to help printers drive more revenue, including:

  • Campaign Playbooks, issued in response to the challenge many print companies face with having a sales team that is accustomed to selling ink on paper: “What do I sell my clients?” Since selling and building multi-channel campaigns often requires new skills, MindFire has made sales reps’ jobs easier by assembling campaign “playbooks.” These templated workflows and examples help printers sell and build campaigns for clients in a variety of verticals, including the higher ed, automotive, and mortgage markets.
  • High-volume PURLs are an add-on to MindFire Studio that enables high-volume direct mailers to scale their direct response campaigns using personalized URLs (PURLs). Designed specifically for mailers who handle more than 500,000 direct mail pieces at a time, HVP easily flexes to hundreds of millions of records and can be used not only as an add-on to MindFire Studio but also any third-party marketing application.
  • Agency Services, a brand new division of MindFire led by industry veteran Ramin Zamani, helps printers and their clients successfully execute multi-channel strategies. From sales, planning, and execution, the Agency Services team has helped dozens of printers and their clients generate more leads and increase their sales — at half the time and cost compared to utilizing internal resources.
  • Marketing Automation Training is a hands-on workshop that teaches printers the five most important marketing automation workflows. Through an immersive two-day experience, instructors guide students through a behind-the-scene tour of all necessary details so that students know how to sell and build workflows confidently.

Additionally, the company continues to produce its weekly podcast “Pixels & Ink” (found on iTunes and Stitcher), co-hosted by company co-founder David Rosendahl and Mackenzi Farsheed. The show brings listeners the best tips, tactics, and strategies for using multi-channel marketing automation to boost leads and sales through interviews and discussions with the top sales and marketing minds across agencies, print service providers, and enterprise marketers.

About MindFire
MindFire’s innovative marketing automation software, MindFire Studio, is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop application that allows print and marketing professionals to create highly personalized marketing workflows, orchestrate direct mail, email, mobile, and social media, automate drip-and-nurture sequences, and track performance with comprehensive analytics.

Thousands of brands across two dozen countries worldwide depend on MindFire’s powerful automated marketing platform, comprehensive customer training, and unmatched customer service to manage tens of thousands of marketing campaigns annually.