How to Market, Sell, & Build Profitable OptiChannel Campaigns

Attention Printers, Agencies, & Marketing Services Companies

Wondering how other successful service providers market, sell, and produce OptiChannel Clients for their Clients?

Modern campaigns that orchestrate Direct Mail, Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, SMS, Ringless Voicemail, and other digital channels are required to reach and engage today’s B2B and B2C markets.

No longer is a single-channel strategy enough.

However, as a service provider, do you know what’s required to deploy these types of campaigns for clients successfully?

This 3-part series explores all critical aspects of the process so you can learn how successful printers, agencies, and marketing services companies market, sell, and build OptiChannel Campaigns to their clients.

Each on-demand & podcast session covers a different aspect of the process, including:

  • Session 1: How service providers prepare themselves to offer OptiChannel services. Learn about the people you’ll need, the skillsets required, and the strategy necessary to launch successfully.
  • Session 2: With the organization structured to succeed, the next challenge is identifying the suitable clients for whom OptiChannel provides a significant benefit. In this discussion, you’ll hear how the panel finds the right markets, builds awareness, generate leads, and closes this new type of profitable campaign service.
  • Session 3: Now comes the fun part: What does it take to build a complete OptiChannel campaign? What kinds of skills are required? What does the planning process entail?

Scroll down to see all three sessions!

Session 1: How To Get Started (People, Strategy, & Mindset)

In our first session, one of the clear takeaways was that for a printer, agency, or marketing services company to succeed at offering OptiChannel Services, there’s a critical role to fill.

Kevin Thomas (COO, Firespring), Mike Robinson (Director, Summit Direct Mail), Cece Smith (CEO, Toolbox Studios), and David McNerney (VP Sales & Partner, Think Patented) all echoed the need for this role. Is it one you’ve considered?

The other intriguing thing to hear is how each company started its journey. Some common trends, like color personalization, HP Indigo, and Dscoop, all came up as conditions precedent to each company taking their first step). Listen to each as they share their first few steps, and compare them to yours. Do you see similarities?

You can watch the video or get the podcast version here:

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Session 2: How to Market & Sell Profitable OptiChannel Campaigns to Your Clients

In the second session, you’ll hear David Rosendahl (President, MindFire) and Kevin Thomas (COO, Firespring) dig into how marketing service providers market & sell OptiChannel services.

Andrew Ettinger (CEO, The Best Postcards), Ben Shenk (National Sales, Summit Direct Mail), and Shanna Vollmer (Vice President, Pixa Creative), each share their strategies.

We were surprised: one of them relies heavily on cold-calling.

Another does zero cold-calling and instead gets all inbound leads (even more surprising, most leads are fully qualified).

We also learn how the panelists select their markets. Common among all three is that they’re heavily invested in offering direct mail to their clients, so adding the digital OptiChannel component requires a new way of thinking to identify the right markets and present the solution in a way that makes sense.

You can watch session 2’s video or get the podcast version here:

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Slides & Examples

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Session 3: How To Build OptiChannel Campaigns

In our third session, we cover a variety of aspects related to the building of OptiChannel campaigns, including:

  • How do you go from a Client’s objective to an executable OptiChannel plan?
  • What does it take to build an OptiChannel campaign? What types of skills are needed?
  • How do you keep a Client engaged when the first touch doesn’t deliver the results they expected?
  • In what ways does OptiChannel build deeper, stronger, and stickier relationships between a service provider and their Client?

You don’t want to miss the unique (and in many cases, unexpected) advice this panel has for you as you navigate your own journey!

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Slides & Examples

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