How to Break Through the Noise and Get Your Client’s F^@#*&$ Attention!

Are you finding it harder than ever to cut through the noise and get your client’s attention?

We sure do.

And I’m of the belief that unless you start trying new things, it ain’t gonna get any easier.

I’ve made it my life’s work to identify and employ new ways for businesses to communicate with their Clients, which is why I just recorded and sent 29 personalized videos to our newest batch of clients.

That means 29 videos (each recorded individually) for each of the 29 new clients.

Over on my Facebook Page, I just did a live walk-through showing how the process works and some of the results (note: the results mentioned in the video were obtained within minutes). Watch here:

[Updated] Some Examples & Replies

Since I posted the Facebook Live and above post, many of you have messaged asking for an example Video — and for insight into what kinds of replies we get using this technique.  Below are real replies (unedited), and here’s an example of a video (scroll down).

As the replies fly in, sometimes they’re short and sweet like this one:

Omgosh – AMAZING VIDEO – Thank you David:):) I love Mary and have worked with her in past life … MindFire is an incredible WORLD and one that I love!! ! ~Kelly

Or they remind me of the power of having a positive brand experience:

Yes – my team has used Mindfire when they worked for a previous marketing company, and I was familiar on the customer side (I was VP of marketing for a credit union). We all knew that Mindfire would get the job done! ~Hilary

And they tie back to previous speaking events like this one:

David, thanks for the quick little video. I do remember what your product triggered in me. We attended a brief talk by your VP of Sales at the Dscoop. He said a lot of things that really hit home. Happy to chat more. Your support team is great. ~Thomas

Sometimes folks write longer messages, with great feedback to help us prioritize product investment:

Hey David, Appreciate the personal touch on the video, it’s a nice touch in this digital marketing world. So to address your questions:

1. What drew us to mindfire in the first place. We do a lot of direct mail marketing and email marketing and tracking our results and organizing everything was difficult. So we thought a system like this could assist us with that.

Also my supervisor Jim was really impressed with the PURL system, and this was a big sell for us (as a marketer I think this feature could be featured more prominently, as while I was doing research online it was extremely difficult for me to Google people who offered this service).

2. Any technical issues that I may have had issues with I’d like to say that first off I really appreciate your customer service, and everyone has been great assisting me especially Iram who has been very helpful explaining stuff to me. But I must admit some of the interface didn’t seem intuitive to me, and I often got stuck in the middle of the process and would have been stuck if not for Iram’s assistance. One thing about the interface that I thought was a problem was my inability to delete elements after publishing.

Another thing that threw me off was when scheduling mails/emails, I had to move the target audience over in the box.

I don’t think I would’ve figured this out on my own. Maybe if there was an alert if there was no audience selected instructing me to pick one if there is nothing there. I needed to talk to Iram to figure that out. Anyhow overall I like how everything works smooth and works pretty fast. Hope the feedback helps. ~Eugene

And so on. Here are a few more:

David – Love the videos!!! We hired consultants to guide us in a new branding direction. So Rafael who is our CFO and friend is wanting to wait till we get the meat of the branding which will allow us to fully use your services. ~ Rich

Hi David! Believe me when I tell you that Feria and Ramin are taking great care of us. If only all of the folks we work with could be as responsive! I like this video product that you sent me. Please have Ramin or Feria talk to me about it. ~David

This one is awesome too, and is the only one that we edited to protect the respondent. All the others (above) have not been edited. Here goes:

Dave, Thanks for the video thank you. That is a great way to use technology to enhance client relations. I love it!

My first exposure to MindFire was 10-12 years ago coming from the print/business forms industry. The MindFire solution was looked at as a great way to drive more print sales. I suppose that is true but I look at print as only one component in the marketing automation solution and focus more on how we can be profitable and help our clients generate leads with a complete solution.

We have a big opportunity right now with this [/redacted/] recruitment and retention program. We are ideally positioned given our deep [/redacted/] roots. Right now the [/redacted/] is giving us [/redacted/] out of 50 states plus the [/redacted/] and that doesn’t even account for the [/redacted/] which is many times bigger.

We’ll be leaning on Mindfire to assist us and provide good counsel so I look forward to seeing this program unfold and working with the Mindfire team. ~ Sam