The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Print

Sponsored by: Canon Solutions America
Speakers: David Rosendahl, Co-founder, MindFire; Udi Arieli, Senior Director at EFI for Scheduling, PrintFlow and TGO

You’d probably agree: Artificial Intelligence has been a big buzz phrase over the past few years.

Whether it’s self-driving cars, tracking air pollution, robots, automation or predictive analytics, there is no shortage of ways that AI is transforming our lives.

But does AI have any relevance to a print company?

How should graphic communications professionals via AI in light of their marketing, sales, and production?

Because let’s face it: AI is a bit scary and confusing at the same time.

Will computers or robots replace humans?

Depends who you ask.

This webinar brings together two organizations — EFI and MindFire — that are employing AI to empower the graphics industry.

Hear from David Rosendahl [Co-founder, MindFire] and Udi Arieli [Senior Director at EFI] about how AI can be used by print companies to:

  • Find and engage potential clients using artificial intelligence — and how it finds people who are actually in-market for your products and services right now
  • The 5 ways any marketing or sales professional can start to use artificial intelligence right now — at little to no cost — and how to use a special form of “conversational AI” to get an unfair advantage over competing vendors
  • How artificial intelligence is optimizing workflow and production to create efficiencies previously unavailable

Sponsored by Canon Solutions America