See What’s New in Da Vinci!

As of 2/6/2019, here’s what Da Vinci brings you:

Bouncer Integration: Most important feature in this release is integration to Bouncer, our partner for email address verification.

Now the CSV uploader will automatically validate email addresses and mark them as deliverable and undeliverable in the contact database. We are not forcing users to send emails only to deliverable ones, however, for the sake of your email deliverability, we strongly recommend that.

We would love to hear from users whether we should do it automatically. If that is the consensus – then we will implement it in the next release.


Ability to select the frequency of trigger emails: Many of you have expressed annoyance at the fact that every time someone opens an email or submits a page, we send you an email.

Some users like that and some users only want the first instance of the activity notified. We now allow you to choose it from inside your campaign setup in Da Vinci.


Edit capability in CRM: We have started bringing in edit capability in our CRM functionality. This feature will get completely rolled out over the next one or two releases.

For now, we are allowing you to update the emails from CRM and mark the emails as deliverable or non-deliverable, right on the screen.

This will work in conjunction with the Bouncer capability, in case an email is found non-deliverable due to a typo and the user needs to correct it.



A few more:

Renewals: If your renewal is due, you will now be able to renew from the Plans and Billings tab under the Settings option.

Others: There are many other bug fixes and performance enhancements in this release as well.