New Features That Make Responding and Engaging As Easy As 1 Click!

As marketers, our goal with any outbound communication is typically to inform, educate, and engage.

Da Vinci has made eliciting engagement and response easier than ever with some incredible new features that give your prospects and customers the ability to contact you with the click of 1 button.

Below are 3 brand new features and use cases:

1. Click to Email and Click to Call: Imagine you are marketing to your audience to inform them about holiday discounts or special interest rates people can take advantage of. Perhaps you send them an email driving them to a personalized landing page so that they can express their interest in learning more.

With our new Click to Email and Click to Call functions, recipients have the ability, in real time, to click 1 button and either call you or email you — this features makes it easier and quicker than ever for them to get in touch while they’re most interested.

Why does this matter? With everyone being so busy, it’s important to reach people, or allow them to reach you, while they are most interested in what you have to offer. Like that old saying goes…strike while the iron is hot!

2. Scheduling capabilities and text reminders: Maybe you’re a dentist or a doctors office who’s sending direct mail or email, driving patients to schedule their next visit. Or perhaps you’re an auto dealership who wants to incentivize their local community to take test drives. No matter what the use case, you must make the process to schedule with you as frictionless as possible. 

Less Friction = More Conversion

With seamless scheduling capabilities on the landing page and automated SMS Text reminders, your prospects and customers now have the ability to schedule an appointment/test drive/consultation (anything), and opt in for a text reminder which automatically gets fired out at the time of your choice.

While you of course have the ability to send email reminders to recipients upon request in marketing programs, texting is at present a less crowded space. With this new feature, there’s no lag time between when the person wants to make an appointment and when they can, and there’s no need to do any manual reminders.

Some other reasons why they’re important?

  1. Increase process efficiency
  2. Improve team productivity
  3. Decrease no-show’s and the hassle of reschedules
  4. Quicker conversion
  5. And most importantly, people appreciate them

3. Inbound Text: Ever speak at conferences or host webinars? Or perhaps you leverage billboards or displays in storefronts?

“In 2019 16% of US internet users will use a mobile phone exclusively to go online.”

With inbound text, you can now prompt your audience to text you and have an automated response that can drive people to a landing page where you can gather (and offer) information.

Here at MindFire we recently exhibited at a trade show and had people text “FIRE” to 878787 to receive a secret code that made them eligible for $500 off any of our products and services. Upon texting that keyword, we sent people a message driving them to a landing page. They filled out their first name, last name, email and then on the Thank You Page, they were given the special code word. As a bonus, we also put a ‘get in contact with us now’ button on the landing page so that if people want, they can call us right then and there with the click to call function listed above.

So What?

It’s important to remember that everyone is busy — as marketers it’s our duty to make it as easy and quick as possible for people to get what they want, when they want it, on the media channel they most prefer. With the above features, you can now leverage Da Vinci to do just that. 

We’d love to hear your thoughts — are you using any of these features? Would you like to strategize about how you can leverage them?

Let us know how we can best support you!!