Da Vinci with Print OS

ORLANDO, Florida, March 24, 2019 /Dscoop/ — MindFire, the leading provider of marketing software and services for printers, announced today that it has joined hands with HP to offer its innovative Da Vinci marketing technology to HP’s Print OS Digital Marketplace, in order to help HP-powered print companies grow their business.

“Da Vinci was launched at DScoop in March 2018. During the past year, we have helped over 100 printers use this technology to boost their lead generation efforts and grow their business,” said Dave Rosendahl, President and Co-Founder of MindFire.

“Today, with the help of HP, we’re taking a significant step forward to help all printers do something every successful business requires, regardless of size or capability: find more customers without the frustrating, costly, and time-consuming process of producing self-promotional marketing campaigns. This addresses the number one challenge all PSP’s face: getting face-to-face with prospects and customers to discuss new print solutions. We’re doing that by providing printers everything they need — including end-to-end campaign content — so that 90% of the work is done with only minimal updates required before launching the campaign,” he added.

“MindFire has been a valuable partner to HP for many years. By adding Da Vinci to the Print OS marketplace, we have taken our partnership to a new height, that will undoubtedly be a big help for all our customers,” said Gershon Alon, Workflow Solutions Manager at HP Indigo.

MindFire’s flagship product, Studio, was launched in 2012 to help printers increase revenue through the creation of campaigns that weave together print and non-print channels.

Built atop this powerful technology, MindFire Da Vinci is a simple, web-based interface that guides non-technical users through the planning and launching of sophisticated multi-channel campaigns, but with extraordinary ease.

With Da Vinci from MindFire, printers:

  • No longer have to worry about what kinds of marketing workflows they need to build to achieve their lead generation objectives because Da Vinci comes with built-in “Blueprints”. Each Blueprint is a proven workflow that makes it easy to perform common marketing tasks, like driving traffic to content or capturing interactions with a lead magnet.
  • Eliminate the expense of creating their own high-value content, because Da Vinci can provide end-to-end campaigns that can be used to drive interest in print services. These end-to-end campaigns include all the content required to power drip emails, lead generation landing pages, downloadable eBooks, and cover a variety of topics that are of interest to marketers in both B2B and B2C fields.
  • Can start creating fresh, new leads — even if they have no list to import — through Da Vinci’s website Lead Alerter, a utility to turn anonymous web traffic into names and companies.
  • Extend value-added digital marketing to their customers by using Da Vinci’s digital marketing portal for customer projects

To learn more about how Da Vinci can help your business, visit www.mindfiredavinci.com .

About MindFireInc®

MindFire is a leading provider of Marketing Technology Software, headquartered in Irvine CA. MindFire’s innovative marketing technology has been used by print and marketing service providers for over 15 years to create marketing campaigns that provide a highly personalized and unified experience across multiple channels, enabling the growth of revenue by driving more qualified leads to sales teams.

Through the availability of MindFire’s Da Vinci in the HP’s Print OS marketplace, this innovative marketing technology with its built-in templates and contents is now available to the entire community of HP-powered print companies, to help grow their business and extend as a value-added offering to their customers. Visit www.mindfiredavinci.com to learn more.