HP PrintOS and MindFire Da Vinci Coming to Dscoop!

Back in this post, I shared how our team has been working closing with HP to offer Da Vinci as an app within the PrintOS Marketplace.

Both teams have been hard at work preparing to unveil this at the upcoming Dscoop conference in Florida, and we’re already getting some questions about what exactly this means for both HP users and MindFire.  Here are some of the common questions:

What is HP PrintOS?

HP PrintOS is a print production operating system with web and mobile apps that help HP press owners get more out of their HP presses and printers and simplify production. The goal of PrintOS is to continuously improve a printer’s operations, inspire their staff through some cool gamification features, and make better, faster decisions.

How much is Da Vinci through HP PrintOS?

Pricing is seen here.

What is HP PrintOS Marketplace?

It’s like the app store on your phone: invited partners can provide their applications for quick and easy set-up.  MindFire Da Vinci is one of these applications.

What are some other HP PrintOS Applications?

There are Apps in three categories: those that help printers simplify and automation production, get more out of their presses, and grow their business.  Other applications include PrintOS Site Flow, PrintOS Box, Imposer, Composer, Print Beat, Media Locator, and Open API to name a few.

What Do You Think?

We’re looking forward to getting feedback from folks at Dscoop, and even more excited to start to help more HP-powered print companies grow their leads and sales.  On a personal note, I’m sort of bummed that I won’t be at this year’s event, but my wife and I are expecting our 4th baby (a girl!), and so I’m on a travel ban 🙂  If you bump into our team at the event or are interested in learning more, please leave me a comment below so I don’t feel left out.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the integration looks like, here are a few snapshots:

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