5 New MindFire OptiChannel Features Every Printer & Agency Needs to Know

In May 2021’s Release, we’ve made 5 big improvements to Reporting, Dynamic Forms, Blueprints, and more!

To get you up-to-speed, this page includes a set of concise resources to help you understand the new features, pulled from a live session I did with Kushal Dutta, EVP of Product, and a small group of attendees. If you need help with any of these features or want to find out how to get started, don’t hesitate to let us know by clicking here.

What’s New

  • Easy and powerful form-field branching (allows you to ask questions contextualized by the respondent’s previous answers)
  • The new “Event Reminder Blueprint,” which helps you offer a valuable service to your clients (or even use yourself)
  • A sneak peek at new Business Intelligence (Reporting)!
  • IP Enrichment, to turn your web traffic into names and addresses (works for both B2B and B2C use-cases)
  • Call Tracking, to capture responses to direct mail campaigns (with a twist)

Watch the video below to watch a short demonstration and walk-through of each feature. Or you, you can listen to the podcast version on-the-go to get up to speed.

Video: Learn About All 5 New Features

Audio: Learn About All 5 New Features (Podcast)


Download the slides here

Watch The Feature Previews

Looking for bite-sized teasers about these new features? Look no further!

Dynamic Forms

Event Reminder Blueprint

Business Intelligence