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PURL Marketing is the technique of adding a unique web address as a response channel on a direct mail piece and following it up with highly targeted landing pages.

PURL Software allows you to add a PURL (“Personalized URL”) to your Direct Mail, generating more responses and leads. 
By adding a Personalized URL to each of your direct mail pieces, you will capture the growing number of people who prefer to respond online (rather than pick up the phone or mail in a business reply card).

Because of this, you’ll generate more leads and sales.
By PURL-enabling your direct mail campaigns, you:

  •  Generate Personalized URLs for every recipient (whether that’s a few 100, or 100s of millions)
  •  Super-charge your direct mail’s performance by incorporating other electronic channels like Landing Pages, Email, SMS, Facebook, and more
  •  Get real-time Lead Alerts, Reporting, and Analytics to constantly improve your campaign’s performance

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How Does PURL Software Work?

Personalized URLs Provide a Powerful On-line Response Channel for Direct Mail

Most direct mail campaigns neglect the large percentage of recipients who prefer to respond on-line. Sending these recipients to a same-to-all corporate website just isn’t good enough for today’s web-savvy audience. Personalized URLs engage these highly valuable prospects with their own VIP Landing Page — and give you a powerful way to track and measure response in real-time. More on that in a moment.

Simply put, a Personalized URL is a web address that incorporates the recipient’s name.

For example: 

When John visits his personal landing page, he finds exactly the information he expects based on the direct mail piece. He stays engaged and interested longer. He is more likely to fill out a form, or perhaps make a purchase.

In this way, you can create a PURL for each person you’re sending a direct mail piece to, and dramatically increase the number of responses you get.

PURL Software: Add PURLs (Personalized URLs) to Your Direct Mail & Generate More Leads!

Why Use PURL Software?

  • Attract more customers — more quickly. Because PURLs make it easier for recipients to respond to your marketing, you’ll increase response rates, and get results more quickly than traditional methods involving business reply cards, call centers, and so on.
  • Get more for your dollars. Even if respondents don’t complete your call-to-action, you can still remarket to them using Facebook, Email, and other electronic channels. You’ll leave no lead behind.
  • Reach the right people at the right time. By incorporating marketing automation rules, you can score relevant digital actions (like clicks) to understand who’s hot and use this information to prioritize follow-up by your sales team or call center.

How Much Does PURL Software Cost?

‘Do It Yourself’ with MindFire’s PURL platform. Or, we’ll take care of everything: completely ‘Done For You’

MindFire’s OptiChannel Platform is the premier technology platform for Personalized URL Marketing. MindFire allows you to automate creating and managing a personalized URL for every direct mail recipient and dynamic VIP landing pages. The activity of each respondent is tracked and reported. Leads are automatically sent to your sales team for immediate follow-up.
Depending on your situation, you may find it easier to ‘Do It Yourself’ by getting trained to launch and manage campaigns on your own. Monthly subscription fees start at $300 p/mo, providing you with everything you need to run PURL campaigns.
On the other hand, if you’d like our team of seasoned marketing professionals to run everything for you — from strategy to creative and design — then the “Done For You” model is right for you. Costs vary depending on the level of execution you require.

Are you a service provider (like a printer, agency, or direct marketing company)? The MindFire Whitelabel Program allows you to offer PURL marketing services to your clients. Find out more here.

Over 6,400 Companies Rely On MindFire

Over 2,100 companies use PURLs

For 15 years, the world’s top universities, enterprises, agencies, printers, and marketing service providers have relied on MindFire to generate PURLs that increase leads and revenue across all channels. Join them by requesting a demo to learn how PURLs can drive your response rates, leads, and sales.