OptiChannel Retailer Restaurant Solutions

One of the fastest-growing areas of opportunity is the food service industry.  Very few, small to medium food service restaurants have an online ordering solution to meet their day-to-day business needs.

In today’s world, it is essential to make it easy for customers to reach you and place orders for your menu options.  

For this reason, we created a Turnkey Curbside Ordering Solution that includes everything you need to launch an online ordering solution for any food service provider.

The Curbside Ordering solution includes:

  • Complete flexibility for Menu set-up
  • Flexible order quantity for each menu item 
  • Fully automated workflow from order to fulfillment, payment, and pick-up
  • Payment method is automated (no touch) – credit card entry  
  • Confirmation food order sent via email, complete order summary, can be viewed on any device
  • Order total is automatically calculated based on the sum of menu items ordered
  • Tax is automatically added based on tax rate entered for your area
  • Add a Tip option is included
  • Payable amount is the total charged to the credit card
  • Email information is collected for future marketing use

Three Getting Started Options

Curbside Ordering Solution – Self-deployment:  $600

Curbside Ordering Solution for Deployment-first three customers:  $2,500

  • MindFire builds and launches your first three programs

Curbside Ordering Solution – Premium


  • Curbside Solution App
  • First three customer programs launched
  • Monthly updates to customer programs
  • Monthly Marketing Campaign to find more Curbside sales opportunities
  • Starting at $2,500 monthly