David Rosendahl Media Bio & Press Kit

Media Bio (Short)

David is a visionary entrepreneur with a solid background in internet service providing, he co-founded MindFire with partner Moe Farsheed in 1999. Under his leadership, MindFire, Inc. has won recognition twice as one of the fastest-growing software companies by the Inc. 500 award.

Media Bio (Long)

David is the president & co-founder of MindFire, serving BMW, Microsoft, Harvard, Facebook, and 15,000+ companies.

Under David’s guidance, the company powers an innovative platform that combines direct mail, email, social, and other channels to create more leads and sales.

He has also guided the company to serve Commercial Printers and Agencies like Shutterfly, Cenveo, Fiserv, Alphagraphics, and Sourcelink. These companies use MindFire to not only grow leads and sales for their services but also offer new, high-margin marketing services to their clients.

As a child, David was one of those odd (but lucky!) kids homeschooled until the 7th grade, cultivating skills as a classical pianist.

Upon graduating high-school in Newport Beach, California, he joined two friends and started an Internet Service Provider. It was there the entrepreneurial bug bit him, and in 1997, they sold the company.

In 1998, David joined the management team of a ‘dotcom’ as Director of Product Development. He developed the company’s SMB product, supporting $1 million in monthly revenue and 10’s of thousands of customers.

It was in this role that he met his business partner, Moe Farsheed.

In 1999, after a few meetings at Kentucky Fried Chicken, the two started MindFire.

In 2003, David returned to college and received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

In 2010, he married his wife (Sarah) and now have four children (three girls and a boy!).

Twice honored with the Inc 500 award as one of the fastest-growing software companies, David advises early-stage companies and serves on the boards of a few non-profits and churches.

He also invests in real estate, and writes and speaks on marketing and entrepreneurship topics.

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Want David as a moderator or presenter for your next Webinar? 

We can help with the planning, promotion, execution, and follow-up for your next Educational Webinar.  Topics include:

  • “Think Outside the MailBox” — for the latest trends in Direct Mail, Informed Delivery, and digital augmentation of print
  • “The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Leads & Sales” — an educational session focused on how to extract leads & sales from LinkedIn and other leading-edge electronic channels.
  • A customized topic of your choice!

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Fees start at $3,000 for non-Clients leveraging an existing topic or asset and $2,000 for Clients.

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Interview Questions & Topics

David can speak to the following in interviews (podcasts, articles, and so on); when interviewing David, no question is off-limits, so by no means is the following a comprehensive summary:

  • The dueling, often-at-odds role conflicts between entrepreneurship, fatherhood, and being a husband
  • What it takes to start from an idea and gain initial traction
  • Why most marketing and salespeople these days are in for a rude awakening — and job loss — unless they adapt
  • How technology is going to make marketing and salespeople better — and why marketing automation is often the wrong decision
  • Why print is not dead — and how it is used efficiently by companies of all sizes to generate leads and grow revenue (and how Facebook helps improve direct mail in a way few people know)
  • How commercial printers can grow their leads and sales, and why it is essential that they do regular, ongoing self-promotion (or run the risk of severe revenue swings)
  • The “zero data problem” (see more here: https://mindfireinc.com/do-you-suffer-from-the-zero-data-problem/), and how companies can avoid this to leapfrog their competitors
  • How companies like Nordstrom & J. Jill made strategic errors by cutting direct mail — and how commercial printers, agencies, and brand marketers need to learn this important lesson before it is too late (see more here: https://mindfireinc.com/nordstrom-president-cuts-direct-mail-then-this-happened/)
  • How MindFire was once in the dry desert of “no leads” — and the strange strategy that turned things around (even without requiring more staff, new content, or new data to feed acquisition efforts)
  • How to use LinkedIn (and in general, social media) to create awareness and drive leads
  • Why if you’re not demanding attention in your market, you’re likely dying a slow death — and why money follows attention
  • How Dave went from wanting to be a world-class classical pianist to a software entrepreneur — and the critical lesson his early piano training taught him (and how Tony Robbins later said the same)
  • The difference between being a consumer of social media and a producer — and how this mind-shift makes all the difference for business owners, marketers, and salespeople

What People Say

David: Your presentation was truly at the right time for my life and has made me so excited to go after something I knew I needed to do for many years!!!

The timing was perfect for me because I was considering creating a social media campaign for my personal brand.  Your ideas and kind honest presentation has gotten me moving forward with a plan and process.  I also appreciated your openness to share your real life including difficult conversations like suicide.  In addition it was great to see that you have received business out of the efforts.  As a whole the presentation was sincere, clear and positive and has gotten me creating content and doing research.  So thanks again!

Thank you again,

Grady D. Martine, Vice President, Corporate Development and Acquisitions

Great speaker, content and energy!!

Denielle Lue, Owner, STML Print & Marketing

I’ve been on Linked IN since 2006 and have gathered many connections from all over the world. And it’s helped in my freelance, and helped me get projects along the way. When you said you could share and the reach is vast even if you don’t have connections, it blew my mind. So my goal is to more involved with Linked IN, I have let it slack, and its a great B2B marketplace. Your point of the 3 ways to best communicate – Writing, Video, and Audio. I guess never thought of it that way, but it comes down to those 3 however you pull them together. I have had success in video slides even in Facebook and adding one of their sound tracks, it wasn’t overwhelming, but it did make a difference. 🙂

Cathleen Tyson, Graphic Designer/Production at Panhandle Presort Service