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Personalized URLs (PURLs): Link Direct Mail and Internet Response Channels

LookWho’sClicking® allows you to create, manage, and analyze marketing campaigns using Personalized URLs and Landing Pages. By doing so, you can:

When used in conjunction with direct mail, LookWho’sClicking enables you to do the following:

Step 1: Attract. Print Personalized URLs on each Direct Mail Piece

Using your campaign’s Mail File, LookWho’sClicking generates and hosts a Personalized URLs for each recipient, as well as automates the process of inserting these unique addresses into the mail file for inclusion in each direct mail piece.

Example of a Direct Mail and a Landing Page

Step 2: Interact. Capture Visits to the VIP Landing Page

When John visits his Personalized URL, he’s visiting a VIP Landing Page built specifically to support the direct mail piece he holds in his hand.

For example, the VIP Landing Page’s creative matches that of the mail piece. Upon arriving at, a welcome message thanks John for visiting.

Example of a Landing Page

Step 3: React. Generate Leads, Print Reports, & Follow-up

LookWho’sClicking captures John’s activity for additional follow-up and lead generation – all in real time.

Example of a Personalized URL Report

Comprehensive reports display campaign response rates, visitor patterns, and detailed lead information. Follow-up with sales leads as they come in!

Example of a Lead Report