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Marketing automation for financial services

The financial services industry has recently experienced a lot of changes. Once seen as a taking a traditional approach to their marketing and communications, the financial services industry has realized it’s need for a transition to the more digital world. With mobile and web becoming increasingly pervasive, financial services companies have adapted by entering the digital space to make their customer’s experience easy, convenient, and secure.

Because of this transition, financial services companies are hiring agencies to create and launch their marketing and communications campaigns. Agencies have the opportunity to apply the data their client has about their customers to better engage with them across multiple channels. With financial services companies needing campaigns in areas ranging from credit card renewals, additional service up-selling and cross-selling, debt relief, wealth management, and more, agencies have the possibility to create a profitable long-term relationship with a financial services client.

With the transition from traditional to modern, financial services companies want agencies to keep these three aspects a top priority throughout their campaigns: security, CRM integration, and multi-channel communication.


Most financial services companies have strict compliance rules and regulations in place to ensure the privacy of their client’s information. Agencies must also adhere to these privacy guidelines and have a software capable to comply to these privacy agreements as well.

MindFire Studio has secure servers that ensure your clients and their customers that private information is protected.Our secure servers allow for the following security measures:

CRM integration

Financial companies have a lot of data that needs to be organized and applied when communicating with their customers. Having your marketing automation software be able to integrate with your client’s CRM system will save you time and increase the quality of the messages you send.

With MindFire Studio, you can integrate your client’s CRM system with your campaigns. You can use the data your client already has to ensure you’re sending relevant, personalized messages. As your campaigns are launched, you can capture data about your target audience by recording and scoring their interactions with your campaign. This data can then be used in future campaigns to produce high quality messaging for your client.

Multi-channel communication

Since customers are using mobile, web, social, email to carry out their financial services needs, its important that your client’s message reaches their target audience on each channel that they interact with.

With MindFire Studio, you can create campaigns that deliver your client’s message via direct mail, email, social, web, phone, and sms text. You can blend traditional direct mail campaigns with modern digital campaigns to expand the scope of your client’s message. Send sms text messages to non-respondents. Automate phone calls to remind credit cardholders of their upcoming card expiration date. With MindFire Studio, you can guide your financial services client through their digital transition by integrating multiple outbound media channels in their campaigns.

Want to see how an agency has used MindFire Studio to keep their financial services client happy for 7 years and counting? Check out this case study to see how Innoviate more than doubled the expected credit card renewal rate for First National Bank.