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Build your next cool app on the MindFire Studio marketing automation platform.

We developed this platform with you in mind. Yeah, you.

Get ready to get your geek on with MindFire’s APIs! Our Marketing Automation API is a REST-based service that allows you to seamlessly incorporate multi-channel marketing functionality into other applications. Our Marketing Automation API allows customers to extend the functionality of their applications. Additionally, resellers and White Label partners can use our API to integrate marketing automation functionality into their applications, creating competitive differentiators and driving extra revenue.

With our API, you have access to anything you can do inside the MindFire Studio from our API calls. For example you can:

Our REST Endpoint

Our REST endpoint is located at an SSL-protected URL. For more information, contact us.


Access to MindFire Studio functions is handled through an API key. API Keys are created and assigned inside the Studio interface under “Settings > APIKeys”.

Start building your next app on the MindFire platform today:

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