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MindFire Studio works with apps you already use and love

MindFire Studio's Outbound Apps allow you to communicate with 3rd party services in reaction to your users' actions or recurring schedules. Send an email blast to hot leads. Make a reminder phone call before an appointment. Generate, print, and mail a personalized postcard. Create a contact in your CRM. With MindFire Studio's flexible architecture, any integration we imagine is possible.

Outbound App - Email

Blast and Transactional Email App

Using the Outbound Email Element, you can send a a personalized Email message to designated Contacts within your database. Don't worry if you don't yet have an Email address for your Contacts: simply capture it at your next Inbound opportunity.

HP Smartstream App

The HP SmartStream OutboundApp allows you to manage InDesign templates and deliver personalized PDFs to a hot folder for processing by your HP Indigo or other printers. Completely automate your on-demand printing with this app.

Outbound App - HP

Inbound App - Microsite

Microsite Inbound App

MindFire Studio allows you to build microsites with unlimited number of fully-customizable landing pages. You can create a personalized experience for your visitors by using content variables and applying advanced segmentation filters to drive conversions. And you are not limited to one or two domain names: you can use any custom domain name, as many as you desire.

SMS (Simple Messaging Service) App

SMS is used to reach Contacts on their mobile phones, via SMS (sometimes called "text messaging"). Using the Outbound SMS Element, you can send an SMS message to designated Contacts within your database.

Outbound App - SMS

Outbound App - Salesforce

Salesforce Contact Sync App

In conjuction with the MindFire Salesforce App on the AppExchange, this Outbound App keeps Salesforce and MindFire Studio Contacts in sync. You can also create new Tasks. MindFire is a Salesforce AppExchange Partner.

Voice App

The Voice App lets MindFire Studio initiate phone calls and collect any responses, much like the Email Outbound. Bulk calls can be scheduled to call a Target Audience Contact List. Individual calls can be triggered by Contact activity.

Outbound App - Voice

Outbound App - Direct Mail

Direct Mail, Personalized URLs, QR Codes and IMBs

Direct Mail is used to reach Contacts through the postal system (sometimes called "snail mail"). Using the Outbound Direct Mail Element, you can send Direct Mail to designated Contacts within your database.

StudioScript App

The StudioScript app allows you to trigger and execute server-side JavaScript that can communicate with the Studio or 3rd-party services using simple JavaScript libraries. It's the Swiss Army knife of Outbound Apps.

Outbound App - StudioScript

Outbound App - PageFlex

PageFlex Storefront Plugin

Created through collaboration between MindFire and Pageflex, clients who have the Pageflex Storefront and MindFire Studio can create marketing automation campaigns in MindFire Studio, and provision them as products that can be ordered from within your Pageflex Storefront.