With MindFire white label, your customers will never know we’re here.

If you’re a Print or Marketing Service Provider or Agency, why build multi-channel marketing software from the ground up, when you can white label ours? The MindFire Platform can be branded just for you. We’ll remove our logo and color scheme and apply yours. Your customers will never know we’re here.

With the white labeling program, you can:

  •  Enjoy wholesale pricing.
  •  Receive rigorous training on how to market, sell, and build successful multi-channel, multi-touch marketing automation campaigns.
  •  Maintain multiple MindFire sub-accounts (one for each of your Clients), so that their data is segregated and secure.
  •  Provide usernames to each of your clients to view Reporting, Analytics, or even collaborate with you to build campaigns.

With white labeling:

  •  The uber-powerful Studio looks like it’s yours (you can even take all the credit). We apply your color scheme and logo to our UI.
  •  We replace our “Powered by MindFire” logo with yours.

Best yet:

  •  You set your prices, add value to the marketing process, and make money.
  •  Your clients pay you at your rates, on your schedule, any way you like.
  •  We’ll send you an itemized listing of all your sub-accounts on one monthly invoice.

Implementation is quick and easy, and begins with our FastLaunch(TM) program, designed to equip you with the skills, materials, and ammo you need to effectively offer multi-channel services to your clients. Call 1-877-560-3473 or fill out the contact us form to find out more.

We’ll reach out soon to see how we can help you do more with marketing automation.