MindFire's OptiChannel 'Social Selling Assistant'

Find people & companies to market to. Feed data to other systems, or use within MindFire OptiChannel “Campaigns”.

MindFire’s OptiChannel ‘Social Selling Assistant’

OptiChannel means finding and engaging customers and prospects on the platforms and channels that matter to them.  By reverse-engineering where your consumer’s attention is, knowing how to locate under-priced attention, and then using contextualized communication for each specific channel, you gain a competitive advantage that fills your funnel faster at better ROI.  

This is what MindFire’s OptiChannel Platform does, comprised of two major components:  

  • The “Market Intelligence” module helps you find people & companies to market to.  It can be used on its own and feed data to other systems, or within MindFire OptiChannel “Campaigns”. 
  • The “Campaign Management” modules help you build OptiChannel campaigns to engage your database, using your own data or that which you’ve nurtured via “Market Intelligence”

How To Use “Market Intelligence”

[1] First, you created a “Target Market” to hold a group of related content, hashtags, companies, and people.

This could be a vertical you want to penetrate like “Printers with 51-200 employees” or “All Our Active Clients”. 

Think of the “Target Market” as a container holding stuff you’re going to use to engage this audience.

[2] Once you’ve created a “Target Market,” MindFire finds and/or helps you find:

– Companies and their employees (People) in that market

– Content to put in front of that market that has a higher probability of engaging them

[3] Then, MindFire helps you become visible to these people using Social-Selling techniques.  As you become visible, a portion of these people will engage you. 

[4] You can then move these people to any 3rd party system (like Salesforce, MailChimp, Pardot, etc.), or use MindFire’s built-in OptiChannel Engagement Platform, to nurture the relationship and market to them.