MindFire’s OptiChannel ‘Social Selling Assistant’

OptiChannel means finding and engaging customers and prospects on the platforms and channels that matter to them.  By reverse-engineering where your consumer’s attention is, knowing how to locate under-priced attention, and then using contextualized communication for each specific channel, you gain a competitive advantage that fills your funnel faster at better ROI.  

This is what MindFire’s OptiChannel Platform does, comprised of two major components:  

  • The “Market Intelligence” module helps you find people & companies to market to.  It can be used on its own and feed data to other systems, or within MindFire OptiChannel “Campaigns”. 
  • The “Campaign Management” modules help you build OptiChannel campaigns to engage your database, using your own data or that which you’ve nurtured via “Market Intelligence”

How To Use “Market Intelligence”

[1] First, you created a “Target Market” to hold a group of related content, hashtags, companies, and people.

This could be a vertical you want to penetrate like “Printers with 51-200 employees” or “All Our Active Clients”. 

Think of the “Target Market” as a container holding stuff you’re going to use to engage this audience.

[2] Once you’ve created a “Target Market,” MindFire finds and/or helps you find:

– Companies and their employees (People) in that market

– Content to put in front of that market that has a higher probability of engaging them

[3] Then, MindFire helps you become visible to these people using Social-Selling techniques.  As you become visible, a portion of these people will engage you. 

[4] You can then move these people to any 3rd party system (like Salesforce, MailChimp, Pardot, etc.), or use MindFire’s built-in OptiChannel Engagement Platform, to nurture the relationship and market to them.