MindFire’s Staff Picks: 7 “Catchy” Trade Show Giveaways

While we are on the topic of Trade Shows – don’t forget about the giveaways. We will share a number of strategies for driving people to your booth in our webinar on April 14th, but the right giveaway and marketing strategy will get them there faster! Make sure to get your prospects and clients to register early for meetings so they can receive their free gift!

We asked our MindFire Team what their favorite 7 trade show giveaways were and we just had to share. You will want to see #7!

1. Socks That Make a Difference

We know socks are not exactly a sexy giveaway but companies like Bombas and Pair of Thieves make each pair of socks special, by donating another pair to those in need. The socks are actually extra comfortable but by adding the human side of the causes they impact, these socks provide an incredible marketing message with a heart.

2. Portable Phone Charger

This is another promotional item that attendees flock to, they usually use it at the event and keep it in their backpack or briefcase. They can be branded with your logo and already charged up with power. Attendees will remember to stop by to talk to you and get their chargers as their phones die throughout the day.

3. Reese’s

Ok candy is always a welcome gift at shows that are really busy. People often don’t eat or just need a sugar fix. Reese’s was our team’s first pick but any candy that is individually wrapped can do. You can also put a ribbon around it with a business card or your company branding.

4. Yeti Mugs

We know this is an expensive giveaway, but people will definitely show up to meetings to pick theirs up. This is another brandable item that they will keep at home or the office. It is best to have a graduated plan for giveaways. As an example – If attendees stop by to say “hi” they may get one type of gift and if they register for a full informational session – they can earn a higher value gift. The Yeti Mug is a great promotional item that inspires commitment to stay for a full event!

5. Webcam Cover

In our world of Zoom meetings, the webcam cover can certainly come in handy! It is a lightweight gift that attendees will be able to easily carry home. Some of these can be branded with your company logo. Pretty sure these webcam covers will be in high demand!

6. Mini Desk Vacuum

These are so fun! What a great brandable gift that hasn’t been overused. Everyone will want to stop by and see them, because who doesn’t want a clean desk? We agreed we could use one right now!

7. Hot Sauce

I bet you did not expect this one! When you are setting up your marketing plan be creative, strategic, consistent, and make it fun. This is one of the campaigns MindFire did for a client attending an industry event. They actually gave away hot sauce. Clients could pick their favorite flavor. The HOT giveaway brought in lots of attention. When folks came to the booth to get their hot sauce (they registered ahead of time), they also put their name in for a bigger giveaway at the end of the event.

Attendees who participated in this trade show event not only remember their gift but also remembered the company that gave it away. This client was able to get a 15X return on their investment by using Tabasco – which was the result of a well-thought-out campaign that brought them years of brand recognition.

If you want some more ideas for giveaways or strategies around maximizing your trade show investment, send us your email below and we will make sure to send you more ideas!