How to Improve Print Customer Experience and Reduce Postage Costs With the 2020 USPS Promotions

While the world swirls with news of COVID-19 and related events, I tried to bring a sense of calm and focus in the moderation of today’s panel with executives from Ricoh USA, United States Postal Service, and BlueRush.

Our goal was to understand how direct mail and digital work together, and the special postage discounts offered by USPS to support these initiatives.

Joining me were:

What You’ll Learn

Watch now to learn how you can:

  • Combine digital and print to improve customer experience (I asked each to prepare a few real-life examples so you can see what others are doing)
  • Use digital with direct mail to earn significant postage discounts (I’m always surprised by what most printers and brands don’t know about these discounts — don’t leave money on the table when you can be saving!)
  • Leverage Informed Delivery’s astounding email ‘open rate’ — and the surprising reason why they’re so high
  • Take the right next steps to apply for the USPS postage discounts (and who to contact if you have questions)

Also, since it’s on everyone’s mind, I asked each for their perspective on COVID-19, and how it may impact print and mail. I think you might be surprised by their perspectives.

We had a robust 40 minutes discussion and took 15 minutes of questions from the audience.

Watch Now

Watch the panel discussion now (below), and download the slides (PDF) here.


If you have further questions, reach out to me at or get in touch with our panelists directly:

Chris Cosgrove, National Director, Software Sales & Strategic Solutions
Cell: 248-390-3475

Larry Lubin  President
Phone: 416-203-0618 x 225

Christina Lopez, Business Solutions
Cell: 520-241-2674